Monday, 6 April 2015

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There is no money in the hands. but i cried near him. first you go then I will come. i will not come at least now but now i will come for sure. he did not give when the first child dead. she is not sleeping without ac. she did not think at least once corporation bank net banking. he is asking you must have think at least once. now a days she is get addicted to the air cooler. many said that them that do not get them near. because they had did same thing and will steal some things for sure. they are even stealing soaps also and not taking into mind. she will spend huge money but the other sister is not like that. they will keep the items in the sofa cover, they don't have any neatness. even the ants are living there. they will behave as if it just cheap. they are coming and may come on some day. he will be working only few works and will not do hard works. he will pay the bills to all. they given freedom to many persons. that made them to spoil. they even paid salaries to them. another girl also bought clothes for free without any amount.
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she bought everything for loan. she is writing every thing in note book about these things. I feel a lot when you type such a long message saying sorry. your hands may feel pain dude. so request you like this. your mom always say you to sleep early. but you never sleep early. this is common in most of the youth ages. they will sleep early because they always work hard but not like us. i like her because she never do any thing which is not liked by me if it hurts me. but it is not needed dude. it is an extra work and burden to you and your hands. so i don't like that. don't do that again please. i will not do every thing what ever you say. i will do the works only what are possible. don't be too smart and don't keep much and more expectations on me because they always hurt. writing such a big id is really good but it makes to work faster and will be good practice to one and all. it is fine. hope all are fine in the village, town and city. he always do promises. he had even paid the interest amount even before leaving the town on the day before. so no one are scolding him. promises are not available here. most people here will be caught in the matter of promise like mother, father and sister and brother promises.

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this is not only the culture on them but the fear that make and made them like this. but do not say this any. they will hurt for sure. he will ping him when he come into chat. this topic is not able to under stand by any one but only the clever one will under stand why and how i wrote this topic but at least you try in stead of being idle. now she is saying that her is going out with out permission. corporation bank he is not afraid of such things. hr is dare and dashing from the child hood and never spoke any bad words and don't know such slang. her dad made and grown her like that. she is a boon to him. it is just short but not for away. so it is better to fill the other words and keep and make it attractive where ever and when ever possible. she have good circle. even the engines will not detect this as it was written by great mad people and never estimate the power of such mad guys as it was not able to included in any such crusades or fights in the times.
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